MOSAIC 2B @netfutures

During the Net Futures 2015 conference the consortium will present the developed components of the MOSAIC 2B framework that will be deployed and used in the field experiment, starting at the beginning of March 2015.

In a live demonstration the project will showcase the delay tolerant network (DTN) based content distribution and its components, i.e., the mobile and fixed infostations. The demo will explain and illustrate the operating principles of this technology and its implementation in the context of the MOSAIC 2B project, e.g., the utilization of the buses serving as transportation means for the mobile infostations.

In addition, the project will demonstrate the cinema-in-a-backpack solution. It consists of a tablet, projector, speakers, and a power supply unit. The power supply unit has been introduced to guarantee screening activities in the event of power loss or missing power supply. The Android application developed and installed on the tablet will enable the mobile business services for the micro-entrepreneur such as: scheduling screening events, ordering of and paying for multimedia content, screening, and performing business analysis.

MOSAIC 2B provides a low cost mechanism to deliver multimedia content to micro-entrepreneurs located in rural areas of South Africa. Implementing delay tolerant network facilitates to transfer large volume of multimedia data, in areas with limited IT infrastructure. Using this content and equipped with a cinema-in-a-backpack a micro-entrepreneur will be enabled to run a business, which enables the screening of multimedia content in rural communities. The developed framework utilises mobile technologies and low-cost ad hoc networks based on opportunistic communication to support the micro-entrepreneurs and to enhance the sustainability of their micro-enterprises. The ad hoc network relies on the existing network of public transportation buses. Essential components of the network are the mobile and fixed infostations. The fixed infostation serves as the entry point to the DTN and will be installed in Pretoria, South Africa. Utilising the standard Internet connection, the multimedia content ordered by the micro-entrepreneurs will be downloaded from the central MOSAIC 2B server to the fixed infostation and forwarded to the mobile infostations. The latter ones will be installed in the buses serving the rural communities located in Moloto, Vlaklaagte and Kwagafontein in South Africa. There, any micro-entrepreneur can download the ordered multimedia content using their cinema-in-a-backpack.

Starting at the beginning of March 2015 MOSAIC 2B will evaluate the progress of the entrepreneurs’ cinemas over an experimental-period of six months, collecting field data on the emergence of marketing and product strategies.

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