Training Week for Micro-Entrepreneurs

Training-eskillsThe MOSAIC 2B project’s training event for micro-entrepreneurs took place from 16 to 19 February 2015 at the University of Pretoria. The MOSAIC 2B training focused on e-skills for micro-enterprises, business development training as well as Cinema-in-a-backpack equipment training.

In MOSAIC 2B micro-entrepreneurs are equipped with a Cinema-in-a-backpack that includes a tablet, a projector, a battery and speakers. This equipment connects to the dedicated MOSAIC 2B Delay Tolerant Network (DTN) that implements an alternative low-cost distribution channel to rural areas for multimedia content and digital movies. The MOSAIC 2B business case specifies the use of the Cinema-in-a-backpack equipment by micro-entrepreneurs for hosting movie screening events in their local, rural communities.

On Monday 16 February 2015 the training commenced where each micro-entrepreneur received a stationary pack with everything they needed for the training and for being involved in activities related to the set up of their businesses. During the e-skills training of 16 and 17 February, each micro-entrepreneur were taught how to set up an email account, do Google searches, use MS Excel for basic bookkeeping, compile a business plan and develop a business proposal. The Cinema-in-a-backpack equipment training was scheduled for 18 February and exposed the micro-entrepreneurs for the first time to the equipment that they will receive in MOSAIC 2B. Hands-on training helped to familiarize themselves with how to download movies, set up the equipment for an event, charge the battery, fill in the MOSAIC 2B screening forms and view the MOSAIC 2B project’s statistics through the visual analytics function. The dedicated business training of 19 February provided each ME with the opportunity to consider his/her own environment and how they will use the equipment and the e-skills training they received to incorporate into their own business plan. The entrepreneurs were housed in a guesthouse near the University of Pretoria and they were transported to the training venue each day.

The overall aim of the MOSAIC 2B project was to investigate alternative distribution channels and business models for multimedia in rural communities.

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