Cinema-in-a-backpack Ready to Screen: Cinema-in-a-backpack (1/23/2015) by Daniel Steffen - Today, the first Cinema-in-a-backpacks have been finished. The Cinema-in-a-backpack will be used by the micro-entrepreneur to run the mobile cinema business in South Africa. The Cinema-in-a-backpack consists of the following components: Projector Speakers Tablet Battery Cables and Adapters Backpack The … Continue reading
home MCU / MPP version 1.3.1 released (12/24/2014) by Daniel Steffen - Version 1.3.1 of the MOSCAIC 2B Control Unit (MCU) as well as the MOSAIC 2B Player Platform (MPP) have been released on 24.12.2014. The MCU represents the central point of control for the overall MOSAIC 2B system.  The MCU is … Continue reading